As Edward Bear, the author wrote a series of recovery books based on twelve step programs, and a novel. The Dark Night of Recovery: Conversations from the Bottom of the Bottle is the first of five irreverent and charming guides through life's hectic path.

The Cocktail Cart is an award-winning novel about the capacity of people to heal and to help others in life's transitions while in hospice care.

Writing under his own name, Marty Slattery is the author of two other novels. Diamonds Are Trumps: A Pitcher's First Novel is a funny, poignant, and lyrical novel about minor league baseball and the world beyond the dugout. Poison Weeds is a down and dirty look at life behind prison walls.

No matter what the subject - recovery, life's transitions, baseball or prison - Marty writes sparkling dialog and introduces us to unforgettable characters who have remarkable stories of hope and humor to share with us.

Dark Night of Recovery: Conversations from the Bottom of the Bottle - This inspiring work is destined to become a classic for everyone in recovery, or more plainly speaking, anyone who yearns for that extra insight needed to move forward toward a better life. By Edward Bear

The Dark Night
 of Recovery

 The Seven Deadly NEEDS - the need... to know, to be right, to get even, to look good, to judge, to keep score, to control - This book will guide readers around the potholes in life's road, and give them direction toward a better life. By Edward Bear

The Seven
 Deadly NEEDS

 The Seven Deadly FEARS - fear of . . . death, abandonment, being a burden, the unknown, conflict, intimacy, change Fears are what keep us from enjoying life and living in the sunlight of the spirit. As some anonymous troll once said “Fear is the prison of the heart.” by Edward Bear

The Seven
 Deadly FEARS

 Tyler and The Twelve Traditions: The Legacy, The Lore, The Wisdom - Edward and Tyler discuss not only of the legacy, the lore and the wisdom of the Twelve Traditions but also life, love, relationships, loyalty, Viagra and vampires by Edward Bear

Tyler and The  Twelve Traditions

Edward and Tyler: Relapse & Recovery - In their final verbal duel, Edward Bear and Tyler go at it again. This time they discuss the infamous three R's: Recovery, Romance and Relapse. Join us for what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining journey by Edward Bear  

Edward and Tyler: Relapse
 & Recovery

 The Cocktail Cart - A story not about dying, but about really living. The Cocktail Cart is a gem of a novel about the capacity of people to heal, and the ability we have to assist one another in that healing. By Edward Bear

The Cocktail Cart



 Diamonds Are Trumps - A laugh out loud enjoyable yet sentimental baseball journey that reveals the ups and downs about life on the road and the travails of minor league baseball. By Marty Slattery

Are Trumps

 Poison Weeds by Marty Slattery - Prison, Poison Weeds, convicts, guards, warden, prisoners, inmates, life and death, deceit, dishonor, life in prison, murder, mayhem, madness, macho, mirth

Poison Weeds


Five of these titles are now availabe as E-books