Edward and Tyler:

Relapse & Recovery

They're at it again - Edward Bear and Tyler in another verbal duel, this time discussing the infamous three R's: Recovery, Romance and Relapse, and the possibility of returning and reconstructing some kind of reasonable life in the aftermath of a relapse. They discuss the process, the prospects, and the pitfalls, including the notion that Adam and Eve were not only the first people, but also the first people in need of recovery. Then there are the tools to deal with the Two Great Fallacies, the means to implement the Five Great Discoveries, and the futility of living with Conditional Reality. Come join us through the Wasteland of Relapse and Recovery. We promise you an entertaining journey.

"Is an apple just an apple? Is a relapse just about returning to addiction after 12 days or 12 years of recovery? This book is a journey that takes you into the feelings and thoughts of a relapse, and what it takes to continue recovery. This fiction is more like a reality megabyte that will challenge your beliefs about recovery and addiction."  ~ David Newcomb, MA, LPC, CACII, CC

 Edward and Tyler: Relapse & Recovery - In their final verbal duel, Edward Bear and Tyler go at it again. This time they discuss the infamous three R's: Recovery, Romance and Relapse. Join us for what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining journey by Edward Bear

"This is the best book I have read in over 30 years in the field of alcoholism. Bear's ability to condense and simplify complex spiritual principles of recovery, keeps one's heart and soul engaged on a powerful personal level. The more you depend on God, the more dependable he (she or it) becomes, is just one example of the book's recovery wisdom.

The book is written in a style of relational dialogue in which all of us can see ourselves. I love this book and believe that anyone in recovery, relapsed or not, will benefit greatly from reading it."

~ Paul B. Walker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker