Edward Bear aka Marty Slattery

His pen name is Edward Bear, but he was known as Marty Slattery to his loved ones and many friends.

Marty was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Los Angeles. Early adventures included a brief stint in minor-league baseball, too many years in construction, day labor and other dead-end jobs.

A correspondence course in engineering landed him a job at Hewlett-Packard, where he was employed for nearly thirty years. Previous publications include several fiction pieces in small literary magazines and journals.

Marty treasured the deep relationships that he shared with his wife, children, family and many, many friends. After that, his love of baseball was evidenced by his many pilgrimages to minor league parks all around the country and as a youth league coach.

He lived high up in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, he played a vintage Martin guitar, and wrote in the all too short time that the gods and goddesses gave him. Marty died in 2006, but he lives on today through the books that he and Edward Bear wrote and the countless lives that he touched.

Marty Slattery / Edward Bear 

Baseball fan and manager, Marty Slattery