The Seven Deadly FEARS

The FEAR Of... death, abandonment, being a burden,
the unknown, conflict, intimacy, change

   Books in a Box Details: Author Edward Bear a.k.a. Marty Slattery: As Edward Bear, Marty penned the much loved books: The Dark Night of Recovery, The Seven Deadly Needs, The Seven Deadly Fears, Tyler and The Twelve Traditions, Edward and Tyler: Relapse & Recovery and The Cocktail Cart.

    Marty died almost 10 years ago. For all these years, the typed manuscripts from his Edward Bear books have been sitting in file cabinets in the basement of his home. It is now time to let these “Books in a Box” go.  M & J publishing, the entity created by Marty and Jo to publish the books, is holding an auction of Marty's works.


The Seven Deadly FEARS

The FEAR Of...  death, abandonment, being a burden, the unknown, conflict, intimacy, change

Another in the Edward Bear Tyler series of extended dialogues, this one dealing with Seven Deadly Fears, the fears that keep us from enjoying life and living in the sunlight of the spirit.  As some anonymous troll once said, "Fear is the prison of the heart." So sit down, relax and read how Edward and his mentor, Tyler deal with the Fear of Intimacy, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Change, Fear of Rejection/Abandonment, Fear of Becoming a Burden, Fear of Conflict/Anger.

7 Fears  Edward Bear

Sit down and enjoy a down-to-earth conversation with a wise man and a wise guy as they work through common, everyday fears. Their simple wisdom is profound. Get refreshing "aha's" and proven tools that can help us choose growth in the hard parts of life."
~ David Newcomb MA, CAC111, NCC, Psychotherapist

"In The Seven Deadly Fears. Edward Bear and his alter-ego, Tyler. with crisp and succinct dialogue, reduce our most common fears to the mundane. Wit and philosophy mix well to take the dread out of everyday plights. Edward please keep Tyler talking, we are not yet completely cured."
~ James Baird Weaver. Ph.D.. Psychologist

7 Needs 2.2 royal typewriter
  Manuscript Auction 
The Seven Deadly FEARS

This Auction Features 2 Manuscript Versions
Box #1 has a Prologue, but not quotes paper / 130 pages
Box #2 Has Prologue + quotes/  Formatted   95 pages  

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 All proceeds from this auction will be donated to:
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  This Auction will conclude at 11:59 P.M. Jan. 27, 2017