Poison Weeds

 An inside the bars / behind the walls prison tome

Murder • Mayhem • Madness • Macho • Mirth

Poison Weeds is the story of a young man who goes to prison and manages to survive and grow in the midst of the violence and insanity that make up a large part of prison life.

Set in a California prison in the volatile 1960s, the cast of characters is full and rich, the episodes dark and humorous. The roles are given, the dice are cast, the players are true, change is possible for only one. For the others, freedom is an illusion. The guards are no freer than the convicts; Warden Quinlan is as locked to his destiny as inmate Voodoo is to his. Some live, some die, nearly all are devoured by the system.

So come along on a journey with this colorful little band through the labyrinth of life and death, deceit and dishonor, and the grim reality of living behind the walls.

 Poison Weeds by Marty Slattery


 Poison Weeds by Marty Slattery